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We are dedicated to revolutionizing the Restaurant business, unlocking massive
day-to-day sales, employees teamwork and business SUCCESS.

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At Restaurants Booming Firm, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the Restaurant business, unlocking massive day-to-day sales, employees teamwork and business SUCCESS.  With years of industry expertise, we offer a range of Certificate Courses, consultancy services and comprehensive Training programs to help Restaurateurs and Bar businesses thrive in today’s competitive market. Our seasoned experts work hand-in-hand with Restaurants and Bar owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to optimize operations, enhance employees performance, boost profitability, and craft winning strategies. We tailor our highly impactful Professional Certificate courses to equip you with unique capacities to manage various aspects of Restaurant management towards sustainable growth.


Restaurant Marketing and Sales Consulting.

The Restaurant Marketing and Sales Consulting Service is a specialized and results-driven offering aimed at assisting restaurant owners and operators in maximizing their daily revenue potential and market presence. This comprehensive consultancy is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities within your competitive restaurant location, focusing on effective internal marketing strategies and sales enhancement processes.

New Restaurant Business Project Consulting

The New Restaurant Brand Project Consulting Service is a specialized and comprehensive advisory offering tailored to individuals and teams embarking on the exciting journey of creating a new restaurant brand of their own. This service is designed to guide aspiring restaurateurs through every stage of the brand development process, ensuring that their vision is brought to life successfully.


Restaurant Employees Development Consulting

Restaurant Employee Development Consulting Services are tailored programs designed to empower restaurant owners and managers with the tools, strategies, and resources needed to cultivate a skilled, motivated, and efficient workforce. In the highly competitive restaurant industry, investing in employee development is crucial for enhancing service quality, reducing turnover, and ultimately achieving long-term success.


Employee Training Services

The Restaurant Employees Training Program is a comprehensive training offering designed to equip individuals with the essential skills, knowledge cooperation and team spirit required to give in their best in productivity. This program is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of restaurant owners, managers, and employees, providing a solid foundation for success in this fast-paced and customer-centric field.

This training program is structured to cover a wide range of critical aspects within the restaurant , from front-of-house service excellence to back-of-house operations. It aims to enhance the professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction levels of restaurant employees, thereby contributing to the overall success of the establishment.


Restaurants Marketing and Sales Management Course

Master the art of supercharged restaurant marketing and sales with our specialized course. Explore endless strategies for effective promotion, customer service and retention management, branding and revenue optimization. Learn to create compelling marketing campaigns that drive massive traffic and increase daily sales.

Menu Engineering and Cost Management Course

A well-designed menu can significantly impact your restaurant’s profitability. Our Menu Engineering and Cost Management Course teach you how to analyze menu items for profitability, optimize pricing, and control food costs. We equip you to ensure your menu not only delights guests but also boosts your bottom line.

General Restaurant and Bar Management Course

Elevate your restaurant and bar management skills to new heights. Our Advanced Restaurant Management Program covers everything from staff and systems management, restaurant leadership and inventory control to beverage management and customer service excellence/operations. Gain the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in restaurant and bar management from Rbfirm.

Restaurant Financial Analysis and Inventory Management

Understand the financial health of your restaurant inside out. This course covers financial statements, spending, budgeting, POS systems, forecasting, and financial analysis specific to your restaurant. Gain the skills to make informed financial decisions and ensure the long-term success of your business.

Why Choose us

RBFirm has a track record of transforming struggling Restaurants and Bars into thriving enterprises. Our courses have been proven topnotch in managing Restaurants.

Our consultancy services are tailored to your specific challenges and goals. Whether you are a seasoned Restaurateur or you are starting out. You need Rbfirm to build the right business systems.

Our experts bring years of industry experience to the table. It’s very easy to succeed with our help.


Our periodic training programs cover every facet of restaurant management.

We stay ahead of industry trends to keep your business highly competitive.

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& Managers Across Nigeria/ Africa Choose Us!

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